7 Reasons why BEIMS is Australia's FM software of choice...


1. Trust

We understand how important it is for your facility to be safe and well maintained.
BEIMS is produced by an Australian Government endorsed supplier with nearly 20 years experience in producing robust and reliable software.
BEIMS is trusted by hospitals, universities, government organisations, retirement homes, casino’s, entertainment complexes, bodies corporate and leisure centres.


2. Australian Owned

BEIMS is fully owned, developed and supported in Australia an Australian Government endorsed supplier. BEIMS provides a comprehensive FM solution for the Asia Pacific work environment.


3. Purpose Built for Facilities

Unlike generic maintenance software, BEIMS is purpose-built for facility managers.

BEIMS is designed to optimally support the facilities management process and reflect best practise. BEIMS users enjoy meaningful and relevant screens, fields and tools for enhanced management and operational effectiveness.


4. User Friendly

Years of refinement have produced a powerful and effective tool that requires minimal staff deployment. End users appreciate the common sense approach, logical structure and easy to use interface.

BEIMS enables you to get the results you want with less effort. A BEIMS adhoc work-order can be logged and dispatched in less than 15 seconds – providing a speed and efficiency that many systems lack.


5. Powerful and integrated software

BEIMS offers a fully integrated facilities management system to manage ad hoc work, planned maintenance and assets. With over 200 standard reports, comprehensive asset register and world-class work order system, BEIMS brings precision to facilities planning and resource management.


6. Affordable

With perhaps the toughest regulatory standards to meet and often limited funding, more hospitals throughout Australia & New Zealand choose BEIMS to manage their facilities than any other provider.

BEIMS offers you a sophisticated solution without the hefty price tag.

The modular nature of BEIMS software allows you to invest only in the tools you require today, whilst providing flexibility for growth and change tomorrow.


7. Committed to your success

Your success and satisfaction is our success. We value and enjoy close working relationships with our clients, providing responsive and timely feedback to Support and development requests.

We combine industry and software expertise with a client focused approach to produce solutions that will satisfy both your current and future requirements.

For further information please contact:

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