BEIMS Visitor Registration System

VRS allows you to streamline induction processes and enhance site security by providing an easy to use system to track visitors, staff and contractors moving throughout a site on a daily basis.

This web based module easily captures whether a visitor is onsite, records their details and brings up a list of buildings to see where they will be carrying out work.

Having a reliable method of capturing and checking visitor information and movements serves to greatly enhance the security of a site as well as streamline administration and record keeping.

VRS allows visitors to sign in using an easy to use kiosk-style sign in process which records the time and purpose of their visit and allows administrators to check important details such as whether they have current induction records and insurance. It also allows you to print visitor labels, track items issued to visitors and set up alarm conditions of when a visitor should be signed out by.

VRS is totally integrated with BEIMS, meaning VRS Administrators have immediate access upon sign in of important information such as Contractor details, past work history etc.

The system also allows you to obtain reports such as the number of people who visited the site for a given time period and the amount of time they were signed in for etc.

For further information, or to arrange an upgrade if you are a client please contact:

Phone: +61 3 9602 2255
[email protected]