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Apologies for the delay since our last newsletter.

We've been flat out with the EOFY as we're sure you have been too!

It's been an exciting time at BEIMS recently with changes in personnel and software updates keeping things interesting.

We hope you will find this newsletter valuable and of interest. Please feel free to email any suggestions or requests you'd like to see in upcoming newsletters to [email protected]

The BEIMS Team.

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Staff Changes

It is with joy and sadness that we announce the imminent retirement of our long-serving and greatly respected Office Manager, Lesley Macdonald.

Lesley will be retiring at the end of September after almost 14 years helping to, and some say, running Mercury Computer Systems. Lesley provides the welcoming voice when you call the office and the friendly face one first sees when visiting the office. Lesley is also the person who has assiduously kept our financial and payroll records, was an ace at chasing outstanding invoices and made sure that all the myriad of tasks that are required to run a busy office were attended to promptly and efficiently.

All of us at Mercury will be sad to see Lesley leave our BEIMS team and we're sure that many of our clients who have known and dealt with Lesley over the many years will feel the same.

We are also very, very pleased for Lesley as she moves into the next, exciting chapter of her busy life, which we believe will include a lot of travelling with her partner, Ken. We wish them both all the very best in their new ventures.

In February we welcomed Alison O'Connor to the BEIMS Team as Account Manager/Client Advocate. Alison has many years of experience in selling a competitive Facilities Management system and is very conversant with the needs of facilities, maintenance and engineering managers. Some of our clients will already have met Alison during her site visits. Alison welcomes any of our BEIMS clients to contact her if you wish to discuss new developments, upgrades or need more information about any BEIMS products. Alison can be reached at [email protected] or on 0403 254 380.

Reetinder Hayer, a BEIMS Systems Analyst who has specialised in the interfacing of the BEIMS Finance Agent to various Financial/ERP systems is currently on 9 months leave travelling and living in the UK.

In May, Marie Pareja joined Ali & Chris in BEIMS Support, bringing over 3 years of customer support experience with her. Despite only being here for a short while, Marie has already proven to be an important member of the team and we're sure you'll be impressed with her assistance should you ever require IT support. (Don't forget, BEIMS Support can be contacted via [email protected] or on + 61 3 9672 6161)

Divya Rao has left the BEIMS team to take up further studying and pursue a career in the fashion industry. We thank Divya for her service over the past 2 years and wish her all the best in her endeavours.

Tim Butcher has filled the Sales and Marketing position vacated by Divya. Tim has a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University and brings some excellent experience and creativity to the role. Tim is also an intelligent, generous, great all-round bloke. Part of his role includes writing our newsletters (if you couldn't already tell!)

 ^TOP Red

BEIMS is proud to announce the following new clients:

Calvary Health Care Sydney at Kogarah has joined the growing number of Calvary sites across Australia that are now using BEIMS to help manage their maintenance work and assets.

Portland District Health services the Glenelg Shire in scenic South-west Victoria, which includes the cities of Portland, Tyrendarra, Narrawon and Nelson. We welcome the staff at Portland using BEIMS & pocketBEIMS on PDAs.

Bethesda Private Hospital have chosen BEIMS to help manage their high quality assets after a major, multi-million dollar refurbishment. Situated on the banks of the scenic Swan River in Perth, Bethesda is a truly modern and progressive hospital, with state-of-the-art facilities and services, which deserve to be maintained using a quality system such as BEIMS.

  Bethesda Private Hospital boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a stunning view of the Swan River (right)  


 ^TOP Red Software

Updated BEIMS Patches released in BETA.

BEIMS Core Patch 5.7.157 and BEIMS Database Patch 5.7.117 are in BETA and available to our clients. This is a significant release that includes numerous fixes/enhancements. Thanks to everyone in BEIMS Development for their hard work in ensuring this has been released to our clients as soon as possible.

To check if you can take advantage of this latest release please contact BEIMS Support ([email protected] or on + 61 3 9672 6161). Alternatively, use the BEIMS Client Portal to check for yourself! (see Product News section below for further information on the Client Portal)

pocketBEIMS Work Orders iPhone App coming soon!

Our Development team has also been working hard on an exciting new project - our first pocketBEIMS iPhone application! We'll be starting off with pocketBEIMS Work Orders and rolling out other Apps after that. Stay tuned to our Website for the latest developments!

It's also worth keeping in mind a lot of BEIMS modules/components are already available on mobile devices via web-based applications, including BEIMSWeb, ContractorWeb & Building Condition Assessment (BCA)

 ^TOP Red

We're happy to announce that planning is well underway for the 2014 BEIMS International User Group Conference (IUGC) to be held in Melbourne in May, 2014. The theme for next year's IUGC is "BEIMS in a changing world" and includes a week full of workshops, user groups, training, discussion & speeches. We've also included a few social activities for networking opportunities.

This is not to be missed! Please put the dates in your diary and plan your budget accordingly! You won't regret attending.

2012 IUGC
  The 2012 IUGC was held at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne's CBD (left), whilst the conference dinner was held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. (right)  

 ^TOP Red Prof Dev ProfDev

BEIMS Professional Development Workshops (previously known as BEIMS User Group Meetings) are held regularly throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

They provide valuable opportunities to visit and discover how BEIMS is utilised at other facilities. They also offer excellent networking opportunities with the chance to share tips and tricks as well as ideas for future BEIMS developments.

We have successfully completed our Professional Development Days around Australia & NZ for the first half of 2013. We would like to thank all our host facilities & attendees for their contribution. Locations and dates for the second half of 2013 will be announced soon. Please check our website regularly for any updates, or contact us via [email protected]

 ^TOP Red

BEIMS again presented at the TOTAL FACILITIES EXPO (TFE) in Sydney at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in early June. We had many visits from existing users and some exciting discussions with prospective clients as well. The next TFE will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in March of 2014. BEIMS will be exhibiting again and we'd love to see you there! Further information will be available closer to the date.

As usual, BEIMS will be present at the following annual conferences and trade shows:

- The Tertiary Education Management Conference (TEMC) in Hobart at the Hotel Grand Chancellor from the 15-18th September, 2013 (BEIMS will be at Booth #37)

- The Annual Institute of Hospital Engineers (IHEA) conference in Sydney at the Sheraton on the Park from the 9-12th October, 2013

- The New Zealand institute of Healthcare Engineering (NZIHE) conference in Christchurch held at Lincoln University on the 21st & 22nd November, 2013.

We will remind you as the conference approaches but please put the relevant dates into your diaries. We would like to see and meet as many of our clients as possible!

 ^TOP Red

Departmental Asset Register (DAR)

The Departmental Asset Register (DAR) is a valuable extension to the Core BEIMS Asset Register. Accessed via a web browser, the DAR provides an effective and comprehensive distributed asset management system. Deploying the DAR will allow the management of asset data to become the responsibility of departments and other organisational units.

The DAR has been significantly enhanced with a number of minor but important bug fixes, enhanced usability (by adding several small but very valuable features including some additional search criteria) and some very significant additions, the main ones being:  

1 - The ability for departmental users to add new assets directly via a new screen. The implications are that departments will be able to add assets as they are acquired and do not have to load them in bulk via an import file or as “recently purchased” assets from their purchasing or financial system. It is an addition and does not replace the “recently purchased” processing.

2 - Several additional TABs have been added for departmental users including:

- User Defined Fields (UDF’s) have been declared in core BEIMS against Asset Categories then these fields will apply to any asset placed in that category and can be accessed by departmental users.

- Asset Financial Details including ADD/DIM(s)

- Work Order Costs (for an asset)

- PM Schedules (for an asset)

3 - The ability to print Transfer and Disposal forms in bulk

4 - All lookups and DAR functions will now honour BEIMS DOMAIN settings for a DAR user

5 - New filters for Asset Lists including: Domains, Manufacturer and Spare Parts Bin No.

BEIMS DAR provides an excellent tool to assist departments and cost centres to maintain their asset registers, including initiating transfers of assets and carrying out stock takes that meet the organizations rules and procedures. The DAR is ideal in organizations where asset stock takes are devolved to the departments, cost centres or other major organizational units but must eventually also be consolidated for the organization as a whole.

For companies such as Maintenance or FM Service Providers, the DAR can form a valuable adjunct to their services in that it allows each client to be set up in a BEIMS DOMAIN and have access to a comprehensive asset register via a web based portal.  


DAR Offer

For further details about the above offer, the BEIMS Departmental Asset Register (DAR) or to arrange a trial copy, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at +61 3 9602 2255.

BEIMS Client Portal

client portal

Many of our clients may not be aware that we launched the web-based BEIMS Client Portal over a year ago. This allows clients to log in & directly report incidents to BEIMS Support for action. You can also access information such as:

- Previous incidents you've logged with BEIMS Support & the status of those incidents.

- Software information (what version of BEIMS and BEIMS related software you are using and any upgrade releases)

- Customised scripts & documents available for download

- User access to the BEIMS Client Portal

  Screenshots from the BEIMS Client Portal  

The BEIMS Client Portal puts valuable information at your fingertips. Visit the BEIMS Client Portal today and register.

^TOP Red How To

A lot of issues have arisen recently with work orders setup to be printed through Print Agent or emailed through Email Agent.

BEIMS 5.7.145 Core Patch and above allows you to manually print queued work orders for Print Agent or Email Agent without stopping them from printing/emailing through the agent.

If you hit the Print button in the Work Order Details screen, the print status changes to Y from Q. When the Print Agent or Email Agent runs, it won't pick up that job since it was printed manually and the print status is Y.

In the BEIMS Core Patch 5.7.145 this issue was addressed.

Below is a test work order, and the trade CAR is setup with a site in Allocate Output Devices screen to be sent to a printer automatically upon creation.

But if you needed to manually print this work order, now you can press the Print button to manually print the job, but the Print/Fax Status screen as per below will still display the print status of the job as Q.

When the Print Agent runs as scheduled, it’ll pick up the job and print it as per below screen shot. Same will apply to the Email Agent as well.

How to check your BEIMS Core Version Go to Help Menu and select About BEIMS from the main BEIMS screen. This will display the BEIMS Core Patch version you are using.

NOTE: If you do not have the latest BEIMS Core Patch installed, get your IT department to download it from the BEIMS Client Portal ( and install it on all BEIMS machines.

NOTE: Minimum BEIMS Core Database Patch needs to be 5.7.110 to run BEIMS Core Patch 5.7.145. Latest BEIMS Core Database Patch is 5.7.117 and latest BEIMS Core Patch is 5.7.157

 ^TOP Red
Social Media

BEIMS is happy to annouce we will be re-launching our Social Media pages (including a brand new Facebook page) very shortly!

The primary aim of these channels is to communicate directly with clients and prospective clients. We'll also be providing up-to-date information on software releases, new and existing products, BEIMS Professional Development Days, BEIMS events, and the upcoming BEIMS IUGC amongst other things.

Information on these re-vamped pages will be on our website soon. In the meantime, please visit our existing social media channels below!

Twitter Twitter - (or @BEIMS)

Linked In LinkedIn -

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Level 3, 271 William Street, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: +61 3 9602 2255
Fax: +61 3 9602 2595

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