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Staff Changes

It is with joy and sadness that we announce the imminent retirement of one of Mercury's most familiar faces - Norbert Riedl.


Norbert has been associated with Mercury as a director for over 20 years and as an employee for the last 11 years. Having fulfilled a number of roles in the past, Norbert has recently focused on Business Development. He was often interstate visiting prospective clients or representing the company at tradeshows and conferences. Norbert also oversaw negotiations with new clients. Norbert will be finishing up at the end of October, but has indicated he would be happy to provide his services on a consultant/advisory basis in the future, so you may still hear from him occasionally!


The entire BEIMS team wishes Norbert a very happy retirement, and we hope he enjoys the next exciting chapter of his life.


In other news, Reetinder Hayer, a former BEIMS Systems Analyst who specialised in interfacing BEIMS to various Financial/ ERP systems, has returned from an extended period of leave to take up the role of Business Analyst / Client Advocate. Reetinder will be working closely with our clients to represent their needs, and to ensure our development / consulting staff are all working together with our clients best interests in mind.

New Clients

BEIMS is proud to announce another new client from the education sector; Macquarie University has joined a number of Australia's and New Zealand's most prestigious Tertiary Education providers using BEIMS to help manage their facilities. We welcome Macquarie on board and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

The iconic library building at Macquarie University.

The BEIMS Service Request System (SRS) has had some minor (yet important) enhancements applied to it and is now available for purchase by all clients. When combined with the SRS Maintenance Plugin, the SRS becomes a highly-functional, web-based remote request system that allows departments and individuals to report faults or request maintenance work directly to the appropriate department via the Internet (or Intranet).


BEIMS SRS Maintenance is an alternative and equivalent to BEIMSWeb2. Installing the SRS framework allows you also add other plugins as required (for example a 'keys and locks' plugin or a 'waste bin' plugin). The cost of the SRS framework and the Maintenance Plug in is the same as that of BEIMSWeb2. Pricing for the additional plug-ins are available on request.

We can also work closely with you to develop custom plugins for other specific requirements on a fee-for-service basis.


The SRS framework also acts as a 'My Portal' feature by allowing access to both the various BEIMS applications plug-ins, as well as URLS to access non-BEIMS applications from the one location.


One of the most exciting enhancements in this release is the ability to re-brand the SRS in your organisation's corporate colours, including logos, small icons and background images. The green arrows below highlight all the different colours/fonts/logos/text that can be easily modified without extensive graphic design or HTML experience.

For more information about the Service Request System, or to arrange a quote, please contact us at [email protected] or on +61 3 9602 2255.


Due to updated versions of software being available, we have identified some old versions as being out-of-date. Therefore, as part of our constant focus on moving forward, as of 01/12/2014, support will cease on a number of product versions, however updates to these products will remain available. Click here to view the list of software versions support will be ceasing for.


Remember, it's not the entire product that support has ceased for, but only the specific version numbers of certain products listed. Please contact BEIMS Support on [email protected] or +61 3 9672 6161 if you have any questions.


To upgrade, simply visit the BEIMS Client Portal and download the installation instructions and software under ‘My Software’.



- How To Check Version Numbers Of Different BEIMS Modules (.pdf file)

- BEIMS Products Not Under Support As Of 01/12/2014 (.pdf file)



Why are these modules not being supported anymore and what does this mean?

We’ve identified old versions of our software that we feel are no longer up-to-date with current versions and functionality. This means that technical assistance will stop for these versions of products, but all latest versions and installation instructions are still available from the BEIMS Client Portal, under ‘My Software’.


What if I am using a version listed, will my software continue to work?

Yes it will, however, to get the best out of the software and your Annual Maintenance & Support payments, we strongly recommend that you upgrade.


What happens if I find an issue or report a problem with this software?

BEIMS Support will advise you to upgrade as the first step in the troubleshooting process.


How do I know what version I am running?

Please download the following document: How To Check Version Numbers Of Different BEIMS Modules (.pdf file)


If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact BEIMS Support on +61 3 9672 6161.


BEIMS Professional Development Days (PDD) are like a day of training - they involve our experienced consultants presenting a one-day program discussing topics such as new product developments, enhancements, tips and tricks and upcoming projects. BEIMS Professional Development Days are free for all BEIMS clients under a current Annual Maintenance & Support (AMS) agreement to attend.


We've held a number of PDD's recently and have more scheduled to take place before Christmas. We are still looking for host sites in Sydney and Canberra so please contact us if you can assist!


Western Australia (Perth) - Friday 12 September (Completed)

Queensland (Brisbane) - Tuesday 14 October (Completed)

New South Wales (Coffs Harbour) - Friday October 24 (Completed)

South Australia (Adelaide) - Thursday October 30 (Upcoming)

New Zealand (Auckland) - Wednesday 5 November (Upcoming)

Victoria (Melbourne) - Friday 21 November (Upcoming)


If you would like to attend any of the upcoming dates, or can host a PDD at your facility in future, please contact us at [email protected] at your earliest convenience.



- A room that can seat approximately 20 people

- Electricity

- A blank wall to project onto

- The ability to arrange catering (in-house if possible - Mercury is happy to cover costs)


BEIMS Professional Development Days are a great chance to get a BEIMS Consultant on your site.

If you think you can help, please contact Tim Butcher ([email protected]) or on +61 3 9602 2255 to discuss.


Mercury's Managing Director Garry Busowsky was in Vietnam recently and decided to test pocketBEIMS Work Orders on his iPhone by connecting to our demo server in Australia. Of course it worked, as pocketBEIMS Work Orders can be accessed anywhere as long as you've got an active network connection, but it's a nice example to share. Here are the photos he sent through to show us where the testing took place.

Offer 1:

Purchase the BEIMS Building Condition Assessment (BCA) module before the end of November & we'll take 10%* off the usual licence cost of AUD $10,800! That's a saving of over AUD $1000!


Offer 2:

Purchase 5 x pocketBEIMS Work Orders user licences for AUD $2,000 (usually AUD $2,750) - that's a saving of AUD $750*!


Contact [email protected] to ask for a quote today!


*Discount will be applied to software licences ONLY. Annual Maintenance & Support fee still applies & mandatory Consulting/Training/Implementation still applies to initial user licence purchase of either product.

To claim this offer, clients must submit a valid purchase order prior to 01/12/2014. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars (AUD).


The Departmental Asset Register (DAR) is a valuable extension to the Core BEIMS Asset Register. Accessed via a web browser, the DAR provides an effective and comprehensive distributed asset management system. Deploying the DAR will allow the management of asset data to become the responsibility of departments and other organisational units.


The DAR has been significantly enhanced with a number of minor but important bug fixes, enhanced usability (by adding several small but very valuable features including some additional search criteria) and some very significant additions, the main ones being:


1 - The ability for departmental users to add new assets directly via a new screen. The implications are that departments will be able to add assets as they are acquired and do not have to load them in bulk via an import file or as “recently purchased” assets from their purchasing or financial system. It is an addition and does not replace the “recently purchased” processing.


2 - Several additional TABs have been added for departmental users including:

- User Defined Fields (UDF’s) have been declared in core BEIMS against Asset Categories then these fields will apply to any asset placed in that category and can be accessed by departmental users.

Asset Financial Details including ADD/DIM(s)

- Work Order Costs (for an asset)

- PM Schedules (for an asset)


3 - The ability to print Transfer and Disposal forms in bulk


4 - All lookups and DAR functions will now honour BEIMS DOMAIN settings for a DAR user


5 - New filters for Asset Lists including: DOMAINS, Manufacturer and Spare Parts Bin No.

BEIMS DAR provides an excellent tool to assist departments and cost centres to maintain their asset registers, including initiating transfers of assets and carrying out stock takes that meet the organizations rules and procedures. The DAR is ideal in organizations where asset stock takes are devolved to the departments, cost centres or other major organizational units but must eventually also be consolidated for the organization as a whole.


For companies such as Maintenance or FM Service Providers, the DAR can form a valuable adjunct to their services in that it allows each client to be set up in a BEIMS DOMAIN and have access to a comprehensive asset register via a web based portal.  


Core BEIMS - DAR Relationship


For more information about the Departmental Asset Register, or to arrange a quote, please contact us at [email protected] or on +61 3 9602 2255.

Trade Shows

We recently exhibited at both the Tertiary Education Management Conference in Cairns and the IHEA Healthcare Facilities Management Conference in Brisbane. Both were a success, with many existing and prospective clients visiting our booth to discuss some of the latest enhancements and newest releases.


BEIMS will also be exhibiting at the following Trade Shows / Exhibitions in 2014 / 2015:


New Zealand Institute of Hospital Engineering Conference - 6 - 7 November, 2014 - The Spencer on Byron Hotel - Takapuna Beach (Auckland), NZ


Total Facilities Expo - 25 - 26 March, 2015 - Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island, Sydney, NSW.


Tertiary Education Management Conference - 30 August - 2 September, 2015 - Novotel Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW.

IHEA 2014
Our stand at the IHEA Healthcare Facilities Management Conference held in Brisbane.

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