DAR Enhancements

The Departmental Asset Register (DAR) is a valuable extension to the Core BEIMS Asset Register. Accessed via a web browser, the DAR provides an effective and comprehensive distributed asset management system. Deploying the DAR will allow the management of asset data to become the responsibility of departments and other organisational units.

The DAR has been significantly enhanced with a number of minor but important bug fixes, enhanced usability (by adding several small but very valuable features including some additional search criteria) and some very significant additions, the main ones being:  

1 - The ability for departmental users to add new assets directly via a new screen. The implications are that departments will be able to add assets as they are acquired and do not have to load them in bulk via an import file or as “recently purchased” assets from their purchasing or financial system. It is an addition and does not replace the “recently purchased” processing.

2 - Several additional TABs have been added for departmental users including:

- User Defined Fields (UDF’s) have been declared in core BEIMS against Asset Categories then these fields will apply to any asset placed in that category and can be accessed by departmental users.

- Asset Financial Details including ADD/DIM(s)

- Work Order Costs (for an asset)

- PM Schedules (for an asset)

3 - The ability to print Transfer and Disposal forms in bulk

4 - All lookups and DAR functions will now honour BEIMS DOMAIN settings for a DAR user

5 - New filters for Asset Lists including: Domains, Manufacturer and Spare Parts Bin No.

BEIMS DAR provides an excellent tool to assist departments and cost centres to maintain their asset registers, including initiating transfers of assets and carrying out stock takes that meet the organizations rules and procedures. The DAR is ideal in organizations where asset stock takes are devolved to the departments, cost centres or other major organizational units but must eventually also be consolidated for the organization as a whole.

For companies such as Maintenance or FM Service Providers, the DAR can form a valuable adjunct to their services in that it allows each client to be set up in a BEIMS DOMAIN and have access to a comprehensive asset register via a web based portal.   

For further details about the BEIMS Departmental Asset Register (DAR) or to arrange a trial copy, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at +61 3 9602 2255.