Visitor Registration System Update!

We're pleased to announce the release of a new, updated version (v 5.7.310) of the BEIMS Visitor Registration System (VRS). VRS allows organisations to better manage visitors, contractors and tradespeople through the use of an electronic kiosk. When paired with the appropriate hardware (not included), VRS can sign visitors in and out, record induction details, print passes / parking permits and now take photographs too! 

By connecting a web camera to their VRS kiosk, organisations can now request that visitors pose for a photograph each time they sign-in. This handy feature will help staff easily identify visitors on their site to perform work or attend a meeting, increasing security in the process. 

Some of the other features included in the latest release are:

• VRS can now send an email notification informing hosts of their visitors arrival (including their photo).

• VRS Administration is now fully controlled via BEIMS Profiles.

• VRS is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

• VRS is BEIMS DOMAIN aware (reducing the amount of unnecessary information displayed).

Click here to download our BEIMS Visitor Registration System brochure. 

Clients that have already purchased the BEIMS Visitor Registration System can now download the update files from the BEIMS Client Portal. Release notes and an updated user manual are also available. 

If you wish to purchase a VRS kiosk licence (hardware not included), contact us today on +61 3 9602 2255 or [email protected] for more information.