IHEA's AssetMark

The Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia (IHEA) and Mercury Computer Systems (the developers of BEIMS Facility Management Software) are proud to present the new and improved AssetMark benchmarking system. 

AssetMark is essentially a structured continuous improvement program that offers participating health care facilities the opportunity to identify best practice. Previously, AssetMark participants were required to physically fill out a lengthy questionnaire which was then submitted to the IHEA for analysis. The entire process could take up to several months.

After a thorough review, the IHEA made the decision to bring the system into line with current technology. AssetMark is now entirely online, with all the original Key Performance Indicators now being measured much faster. As was the case previously, identities of participating hospitals remain confidential and are not disclosed to others without consent.

Benchmarking with AssetMark

Benchmarking can provide any industry with the opportunity to identify best practice in all types of areas, including facility management. The aim of AssetMark is to improve both the efficiency of operation and the quality of service delivery, whilst remaining within existing resource constraints and policy parameters.

In theory, as the performance of facility management in individual hospitals improves, the mean performance in hospitals improves and in time, the benchmark itself goes up.

AssetMark allows subscribers to:
• Establish performance benchmarks
• Monitor facility management expenditure performance
 Monitor facility performance
• Verify cost effectiveness
 Compare current data with your own data from previous years
• Develop evaluation data for ACHS accreditation

Ensuring the sensitive information divulged as part of the AssetMark process remains confidential and anonymous is of the utmost importance. The AssetMark website is hosted on a secure server within Australia. Technical support is provided by BEIMS IT Support team based in Melbourne.

The new and improved AssetMark costs just AUD $750+GST per hospital for a 12 month subscription. This provides full access to reports, graphs and comparative data.

For additional information and service enquiries, please contact Jim Cozens from the IHEA on 0417 835 229 or [email protected]

Technical enquiries should be directed to BEIMS IT Support on +61 3 9672 6161 or [email protected]

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