pocketBEIMS Work Orders Update

We've released a new version of pocketBEIMS Work Orders for iOS via the App Store on iTunes. The new version (v5.7.202) ensures the application is now compatible with devices running iOS 9.

However, in addition to updating the iOS application, you will also need to update the following BEIMS components:

-          Core BEIMS database (required version 5.7.303).

-          pocketBEIMS Work Orders Web API (required version 5.7.303).

-          pocketBEIMS Work Orders desktop application (required version 5.7.128).

We recommend you update these components prior to updating the mobile application. These updates are essential as the way each device is licensed has changed. A step-by-step guide is available from BEIMS Support upon request. The installation files can be downloaded from the BEIMS Client Portal.

Please contact BEIMS Support on +61 3 9672 6161 or [email protected] if you require any assistance with the updates. Application notes can be provided upon request.

To find pocketBEIMS Work Orders, search ‘pocketBEIMS’ in the App Store or click here for a preview.

Note: if you’re using an iPad to search for pocketBEIMS for the first time, search the App store for “pocketBEIMS”, then change the search settings at the top of the screen from “iPad only” to “iPhone only” and repeat the search.