BEIMS offers an effective facilities management solution for organisations in the Sports Industry.

We understand:

  • Your organisation is to be viewed as a leading destination for Sport and Recreation
  • You must provide a high standard of sporting facilities to attract patrons and sponsors
  • You must ensure the safety and wellbeing of patrons as they use your facilities
  • You must adhere to strict safety regulations to meet a  ‘duty of care’ to patrons and staff
  • You require a fully functional facilities management system that will help you meet these requirements in a cost effective manner
  • You require a system to easily manage planned maintenance, ad hoc maintenance  and assets
  • You require a system that is flexible and scalable and can easily adapt to your changing needs
  • Your system must be reliable, user-friendly and well supported

BEIMS has been successfully meeting these needs for nearly 20 years and is an excellent choice for organisations in the Sports Industry.

To learn how BEIMS can help meet your organisational goals, please visit our products page or contact us for more information ph +613 9692 2255 or [email protected].

  • The Australian Sports Commission is a BEIMS client.